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Pet Photo Pendant Length: 1.5- 2 Inches
Pet Photo Pendant Thickness: 2 MM
Pet Necklace Thickness: 3.5 MM
Gift Box Included: Yes 
Tracking Number Provided: Yes
Estimated Order Delivery: 
USA: 7-15 Business Days 
International: 10-20 Business Days 

    If you have any questions or comments for us, please fill out the form with all your details. We will get back to you shortly. Here to help!

    Image FAQs

    Are multiple pets allowed in the necklace? 
    Yes, but we do not recommend more than two pets in one necklace.

    Will background be removed during production? 

    Yes. We will cut around your pet and remove the background.

    Text FAQs

    Maximum allowed characters: 20
    Are emojis and special letters allowed? Yes
    Do not want any text? Type 'no text' in the text field.

    Can I verify my image quality before I purchase the pet necklace?

    For most images, the pet necklace will look exactly like the photo (excluding the background). However, for images that are very dark or pixelated, it might have fewer details and less clarity.

    If you are unsure, you may upload and send your image(s) for verification through the 'Contact Us' tab above.

    Can you combine two or more images in one pet necklace?

    Yes. You may upload any one image during your order, and email the rest of the images to us through the 'Contact Us' tab above. We will merge the images according to your preference. However, we do not recommend more than two pets in one necklace.

    What other images besides pet can you engrave?

    We can engrave any image that you provide us.

    Does it tarnish or change colors?

    No. Occasionally clean with a dry soft cloth and avoid any chemical, perfume or lotion on the necklace. If proper care is taken, the engraving will last forever.

    Have a special instruction or note for your order?

    Leave your instructions or note in the cart page (after you add to cart) in the special instructions section.

    When will my pet photo necklace arrive?

    Estimated Order Delivery:
    USA: 7-15 Business Days 
    International: 10-20 Business Days 

    Estimated order delivery is the same even if the order is paid in installments.

    How do I track the status of my order?

    You may track step by step progress of your order (from production to shipping) through the 'Track Your Order' tab above or by clicking here.