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Gifts & Rewards


As our Pendantify family keeps on growing, we have been thinking of different ways to include and involve the most important part of this family, our valued customers, more in what we do.

Effective March 17, 2022, if you share a video of your jewelry and if we ever use the video for paid advertising, we will send you $100 via PayPal as well as a $100 Pendantify gift card (Pendantify gift card can only be redeemed on our website). Only videos shared through the upload button below are eligible for this offer.

Video should be marketable with no copyrighted music in the background and could be anything from unboxing and reaction video to showcasing the product and talking about it, or simply explaining the process of purchase to receiving it. The more marketable the video, the better the chances of it being selected and you being rewarded.

There is no limit to how many videos we reward. Over the time, we may use hundreds of videos for paid advertising, and all such videos will be duly rewarded. All of our past and future customers are welcome to participate in this offer.

Why are we doing this?
Most importantly, we want to include and involve our valued customers more in our Pendantify project and reward them in the process of doing so.

Second, we believe that there aren't many videos as powerful as the ones that capture the true emotions and authentic gestures from a real customer or an end user.

Benefits to you:
In addition to a potential $200 in rewards just by sharing a video, you also have a chance to turn yourself into a celebrity 😀. May be it's time you brace yourself for some paparazzi ( or may be skip this part for now 😀).

If your videos are really powerful and high quality, we may invite you to work with us in the future as well. Many other brands may also reach out to you for the same.

Terms & Conditions:
The rules are fairly simple and easy to understand, but there are a few that we would like to mention.

1) If we just share the videos on our website or our social media or anywhere online without using paid advertising or sponsored posts, videos will not be rewarded. Only if we use the video for paid advertisement, you will be rewarded.

2) We will either email or text you the gift cards number. Physical gift cards will not be shipped. Pendantify gift card can be redeemed on our website only (

3) There are no limits to how many videos we select. There may be potentially hundreds of winners.

4) We reserve the right to end this offer anytime we prefer. However, if your video is ever selected for paid advertising even after the offer ends, we will contact you, reward you and only then use the video.

5) Only people who have purchased from our website ( may participate in this offer. We will verify the customer before rewarding.

6) We regularly get review videos through our review platform on our website or through other means. Such videos will not be counted towards this offer even if we use them for paid advertising. Only videos sent through this page are eligible for this offer.

7) If we select your video for the paid advertisement, we will either email or send you an SMS or both, reward you, and only then use the video for paid advertisement.

Please fill out the details and send videos through the 'Upload your File' Button below.

If you have any questions about this offer, please feel free to let us know through the contact section below.

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